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Public utilities--British Columbia

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British Columbia Electric Power and Gas Co. records

Correspondence regarding transactions with 6% (six percent) Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares (1926-1935); shareholder ledgers (1926-1947); and redeemed share certificates of 4 1/2% (four and a half percent) Perpetual Guaranteed Debenture Stock of Vancouver Power Company Limited (1918-1947).

British Columbia Electric Power & Gas Company

British Columbia Electric Railway Company records

The series consists of records created by the B.C. Electric Railway Company and its predecessors, 1861-1944.

Series includes financial records of the Victoria Gas Company, 1861-1904, Victoria Electric Illuminating Company, 1887-1890 and the National Electric Tramway and Lighting Company, 1889-1944.

The series also includes records and correspondence of the local manager, legal department, Light and Power Department, traffic superintendent, etc. newspaper clippings of the British Columbia Electric Railway, 1897-1944; and records of the Vancouver Island Power Company, 1910-1944.

British Columbia Electric Railway Company Victoria branch records

The series consists of records created by the Victoria Branch of the BCER Company between 1867 and 1967. The records, including those of predecessor companies, are grouped in seven categories: Administration, Light and Power, Transportation, Advertising and Publicity, Shortt Commission (1917), Miscellaneous and Maps

Administration includes financial records (accounts, appropriations, reports of corporate officials, salary ledgers - which reflect company organization - etc.).

Light and Power includes reports and statistics re power production and consumption, substation journals, engineering reports on the progress of the Jordan River development, Jordan River powerhouse journals (1912-1966), Goldstream powerhouse journals, records of predecessor companies as well as Public Utility Commission reports and appraisals of BCER property (1939).

Transportation includes internal reports, correspondence and financial records of predecessor company (National Electric Tramway and Lighting Company, Victoria Electric Railway and Lighting Company, Consolidated Railway Company).

Advertising and Publicity includes advertising files of copy and newspaper ad schedules, clipping books of newspaper ads and news items.

Shortt Commission records consist of 3 volumes containing proceedings, evidence exhibits and the report.

Miscellaneous includes some statistical data on rivers in BC some score books of the Jordan River Athletic Club as well as minutes and club files of the BC Electric Tennis Club.

Maps includes 9 maps of various systems and dams.

"My first seventy-five years (1891-1966)"; reminiscences of Henry Forbes Angus

The item consists of a photocopy of "My first seventy-five years (1891-1966)"; reminiscences of Henry Forbes Angus, concerning his family life, education in Canada and at Oxford, military service, 1914-1918, and career at University of British Columbia, 1919-1956. Dean Angus served on the Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations, 1937-1940, and the Public Utilities Commission, 1955-1965.

Presented by H.F. Angus, Vancouver, 1977.

Orders-in-council relating to water works and water power projects

  • GR-0839
  • Series
  • 1892-1913

This series consists of an index and list of orders-in-council relating to water works and water power projects pursuant to the Rivers and Streams Act, 1890, the Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897, and the Water Act, 1909. Includes alphabetical index of companies and cities granted certificates of approval and chronological lists.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Public Utilities Commission Engineering Dept. records

  • GR-1160
  • Series
  • 1943-1972

This series contains the records of the Engineering Department. Included are correspondence, memoranda, reports, appraisals and investigations of the Chief Engineer and the Investigations Auditor. The records relate to applications for public utilities (water, gas, and electric) and their construction, expansion and operation, including applications for rate revisions, extension of natural gas and electric distribution lines, and improvements in sub-station transmission systems and municipal water supplies. There is a 1943 report on rates and service of the B.C. Electric Railway Company and miscellaneous files on cemeteries. This unit includes records relating to the application of B.C. Hydro and Power Authority, Gulf of Georgia Transmission Co., and others for a natural gas pipeline to Vancouver Island and Powell River, consisting of correspondence, briefs and exhibits presented at the 1972 hearings, and supplementary data.

British Columbia. Public Utilities Commission

Records relating to draft bill

  • GR-1130
  • Series
  • 1913

This series contains records relating to draft bill, an Act respecting Public Irrigation Corporations. Includes draft of bill with index and column notations and a memorandum entitled "Report on a public irrigation corporation bill, accompanying and explaining the revised draft by H.W. Grunsky of the Water Rights Branch together with letters on the same subject by Dr. S. Forties and F. Adams of the Irrigation Investigation Branch of the United States Department of Agriculture," submitted to the Minister of Lands.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Records relating to water projects

  • GR-1131
  • Series
  • 1911

Series contains lists relating to water projects. List of Certificates of Approval for water works, diversions, dams, spillways, etc. issued between 1898 and 1911; includes grantee, date of approval, purpose and nature of grant. List of power, light and water companies, registered or licenced in the province of British Columbia, including those under statute, those with grants of water rights, and those with Certificates of Approval pursuant to the Water Clauses Consolidation Act (1897) and the Water Act (1909).

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

The political economy of nationalization: Social Credit and the takeover of the British Columbia Electric Company / H. William Tieleman

The item is a microfiche copy of a thesis by H. William Tieleman titled "The political economy of nationalization Social Credit and the takeover of the British Columbia Electric Company. vi, 94 p: table. Thesis (M.A.), University of British Columbia, 1984. Vita. Bibliography: pages 90-94.

Purchased from the National Library, 1987.

Utilities regulation files and staff reports of the Public Utilities Commission (1929-1972)

  • GR-1390
  • Series
  • 1929 - 1979

This series contains tuilities regulation files and staff reports of the Public Utilities Commission (1929-1972) pertaining to the regulation of private and municipal gas, water, and electric utilities pursuant to the Public Utilities Act. Includes petroleum regulation subject files of the B.C. Energy Commission, Westcoast Transmission Company's rate hearings and pipeline applications (1977-1979), Kitimat pipeline application (1976), records relating to natural gas pipeline applications (1959-1968) and to water power development projects on the Columbia and Peace Rivers (1953-1963), and records of the Puntledge River inquiry (1962).

British Columbia. Public Utilities Commission

Water Rights Branch operational records

  • GR-0884
  • Series
  • 1901-1967

This series consists of records of the Water Rights Branch. Records include government publications, reports, memoranda, correspondence, statutes, regulations, indexes and maps pertaining to water rights, irrigation projects, water reserves, and water power developments, 1901-1967. Includes unpublished reports on the history of irrigation, water power resources policy, public utility regulation, and the Water Rights Branch, the Water Board, and the BC Conservation Fund.

Box 1-2 contain general files.

Box 3 contains the Provincial Water Power Index, ca. 1925-1933. Files are arranged alphabetically by Water District, with Water Rights Branch index numbers, Commission of Conservation index numbers, and Dominion Lands Branch index numbers. Also includes Water District maps showing locations of power site developments, water reserves, applications, and horsepower outputs.

Box 4 contains the Water Reserves Notices Index, 1901-1963. Files are arranged alphabetically by Water District, redone and rechecked February 13, 1963.

Box 5 contains Acts and regulations.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Water utilities annual reports

  • GR-3479
  • Series
  • 1938-1973

The series consists of copies of utilities files created after the implementation of the Public Utilities Act (S.B.C. 1938, c. 47). The files date from 1938-1989 and document the regulation of water utilities throughout the province. The records from 1938 to 1973 were created by the Public Utilities Commission. In 1973, the responsibility for water utilities was transferred to the Office of the Comptroller of Water Rights in accordance with the Water Utility Act (S.B.C. 1973, c. 91).

The records are arranged alphabetically in two groups that coincide with whether the water utility was private or public. Most files also have an assigned numeric number. Between 1938 and 1973 the file number consists of “U-“ followed by a sequential number that coincides with order that the utility was regulated. All files were renumbered in 1974 with a new number that begins with “0321” followed by a three digit number.

The files contain copies of orders-in- council and orders of the Comptroller of Water Rights establishing, amending the original application, or deregistering water utilities. There are also annual reports, financial statements, water utility reports and names of water utility directors.

British Columbia. Public Utilities Commission