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Radio broadcasting--British Columbia--Vancouver--History

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Alan E. Jessup interview

CALL NUMBER: T3773:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Journalism in B.C. : interview with Alan Jessup PERIOD COVERED: 1928-1980 RECORDED: West Vancouver (B.C.), 1980-11-19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Alan Jessup describes his newspaper memories. Jessup recounts the formation of the first radio station in the Province building. Discusses: M.A.E. Kelly and his early radio broadcasts for the Province. The acquisition of the Province newspaper by the Southams Co. and subsequent move to new location. Description of working conditions on the paper in the 1920s and itinerant reporters. Formation of the newspaper guild and history of its formation. Description of the involvement of the then mayor of Vancouver. Subsequent history of union. Personal views towards union. Golden jubilee year in Vancouver and memories of the time. 1920 and memories of the crime of this period. Alleged connections between city hall and the underworld. Changes in papers then and now. Strike of 1946 and its effect on newspaper circulation. Changes in working conditions. TRACK 2: Changes occurring in newspaper business in last 50 years. Reporting in '20s and '30s and Vancouver's position as a busy port. "Komagata Maru" incident in Vancouver harbour. Personal history. Personal opinions on papers of this period. Reminiscences of D.A. McGregor, J. Butterfield and B. Buchett. CALL NUMBER: T3773:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Journalism in B.C. : interview with Alan Jessup PERIOD COVERED: 1936-1978 RECORDED: West Vancouver (B.C.), 1980-11-19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Memories of B. Macenroid (?), P.W. Luse (?) and J.W. Winson. Stories and features done on Grouse Mountain. The Rum Tum Club. Explanation of this club with anecdotal associated material. Memories of the Province building and associated stories. Personal work history of Mr. Jessup. Personal views on the newspaper guild and its effect on the newspaper industry. Economic conditions necessary for freedom of the press. The loss of credibility of papers. Reasons for the demise of newspapers. (End of interview)

Albert Carrick interview

RECORDED: Surrey (B.C.), 1982-11-05 SUMMARY: Former broadcaster Albert Carrick discusses his experiences in the early days of radio in Vancouver. TRACK 1: Received amateur radio license, 1919. Early uses of radio, and technical details. Took [Sprott-Shaw School] night class in radio with Bruce Arundel. Early Vancouver electronics suppliers: Major Dufresne, Mr. Hart. Construction of early radio equipment. Helped Arundel at CJCE, station run by Sprott-Shaw School. Other stations received, and points transmitted to. CJCE on air before CKCD. Newscaster Earle Kelly. Other Vancouver area stations. CJCE programming and set-up. First Congregational Church radio station, and other early radio in Vancouver. CJCE became CKMO, then CFUN; was also CFCQ briefly. Milton Stark [and station CFYC]. Importance of amateur radio operators. Frequencies used. Coastal radio stations. CKCD and "Mr. Good Evening" [Earle Kelly]. Bruce Arundel. Interference from coastal stations and other sources. TRACK 2: CJCE activities. Grant at CFCN Calgary. Other early Vancouver amateur radio operators. Victor Odlum and CFYC. Broadcasting frequencies and power output of stations. Cyril Trott. Rev. Andrew Roddan. Billy Browne. [Elmer?] Diamond. Involved with CJCE for three years. Other stations broadcasting in early 1920s. Technical changes in radio. Early radio programming and listening. Broadcasting on CJCE. (End of interview)

Barbara Tremaine interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Peter Mannering collection RECORDED: West Vancouver (B.C.), 1979-08-03 SUMMARY: Barbara Tremaine discusses early theatre in Vancouver and Victoria: began acting in England; came to B.C. with her husband and children; performing in Victoria at the Crystal Gardens Theatre in early 1930s; directing a play for the Sun Ray Club; doing radio at CKWX; starting the Victory Players in Vancouver in 1941; Sam Payne; Tremaine Garstang; travelling tours of plays; Jane Darwell anecdote; getting into BBC radio; working with a few Ontario theatre companies; Cambie Theatre company -- short-lived; worked with Vancouver Playhouse company in '60s and '70s.

Barney Potts interview

RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1982-11-19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Beginning of Potts' musical career in Vancouver, 1920s. Venues played. Performed on CKWX. Was one of "The Four Porters" on CNRV, late 1920s. Played on CJOR; worked on various variety programs;. "Cinderella Slipper Time" on CKMO. Wages paid to musicians on radio. Played on CKNW. More about wages. "Four Porters" on CNRV. CKWX program. "Porters', continued. Other Vancouver stations. Local musicians on radio. Comments on the musician's life. Popular music, 1930s and 1940s. Recollections of early radio listening. Attraction of radio work. CKWX studios on Seymour Street. Value of radio exposure. "The Four Porters." Beginnings of the Commodore nightclub, ca. 1929. Excitement of hearing early radio. (End of interview.) [TRACK 2: blank.]

Billy Browne (Jr.) interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979 SUMMARY: Tom Hood interviews Billy Browne, Jr., whose father (well-known Vancouver radio personality Billy Browne) was at CKMO from 1926 and 1933. The early days of Vancouver radio are discussed.;

CJOR 20th anniversary show : no. 1 & 2

SUMMARY: SIDE 1 & 2: Broadcast of CJOR's 20th Anniversary Show. With announcers Ross Mortimer and Dave Hill; featuring music by Wally Peters and the Laurence Wilson orchestra, and vocalists Ann Watt (soprano),; Pat Morgan (popular baritone) and Charles Hovey (bass bartitone); plus a verse drama about radio entitled "These Hands Create", written by Dick Diespecker with music composed by Laurence Wilson. The ;program also includes a special message from former Vancouver radio personality Alan Young, who was by then working in Hollywood.;

CJOR logger tape : August 12, 1988

SUMMARY: Continuous broadcast recording, beginning at 1:40 am with repeat broadcast of Aug. 11 Barrie Clark Show, followed by Comedy Hour, then regular Friday shows (including news, weather, sports, advertising) including Mark & Michaelson; Barrie Clark Show; Fanny Kiefer Show (Debbie Ramsey substituting); [recording interrupted by about one hour segment of an earlier-recorded Home Improvement Show, then Fanny Keifer continues where it left off]; Wayne Cox; Michael Levy on "Levy Line"; Pat Burns hotline program; and Dan Russell on Sports Talk.

CJOR logger tape : August 13, 1988

SUMMARY: Continuous broadcast recording, beginning with 6:00 am news, followed by regular Saturday shows (including news, weather, sports, advertising), including: Vancouver AM Weekend show with Drew Kerekes; ;Money Matters with Michael Campbell; Success Show with Garth Pinton [recording interupted by earlier-recorded segment of a Barrie Clark show]; Home Improvement Show with Shell Busey; Wireless Radio Sh;ow with Jack Moore; Hartline with Jaime Hart; Lifestyle Line with Bob Tetz. Segment of a Sports Talk show recorded earlier.;

CJOR logger tape : August 14, 1988

SUMMARY: Continuous broadcast recording, beginning with 6:00 am News followed by regular Sunday shows (including news, sports, weather, advertising): Vancouver AM Weekend with Drew Kerekis; Garden Talk with Do;n Duncan; Jacqui Underwood Show plus Alternative Health with Croft Woodruff; Weekend Wireless Radio Show with Jack Moore; Sportstalk Sunday with Brook Ward and John Martin; Comedy Show with Glen Hamil;ton; Sunday Night with Gordon McDonald; Sunday Line with Bernice Gerard. Segment of Sports Talk show recorded earlier.;

CJOR promo, 1946-04-08

SUMMARY: A live recording of CJOR radio Vancouver in 1946, recorded off-air. A CJOR promo is followed by a "rap session" with Ross Mortimer, Dave Hill, Dick Diespecker, Dorwin Baird and Vic Waters, discussing ;the "good old days" and reminiscing back over CJOR's first decade of broadcasting in Vancouver.;

CJOR/CHRX logger tape : Sept. 2, 1988

SUMMARY: Continuous broadcast recording, beginning with last few minutes of Comedy Hour (Glen Hamilton), followed by Friday shows from 5:00 am (including news, sports, weather, advertising) Mark & Michaelson; ;Fanny Kiefer Show, with guest George Madden (station manager) present to discuss change from CJOR "talk radio" to CHRX "classic rock" format, and respinse from listeners response; sign-on of CHRX at 1;2:00 pm, and first hour of new format.;

Cyril Trott interview : [Ronse, 1979]

CALL NUMBER: T3842:0021 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979 SUMMARY: TRACKS 1 & 2: Emmanuel Ronse interviews Cyril Trott, who managed the religious radio station CKFC in Vancouver from 1926 to 1936. Other early Vancouver stations are also discussed, including CFCQ, CKMO, and CHCL.

CALL NUMBER: T3842:0022 track 1 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979 SUMMARY: Continuation of above interview.;

Cyril Trott interview : [Ronse, 1982]

RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1982-11-02 SUMMARY: Beginnings of interest in amateur radio, ca. 1919. Trott's Radio Service Engineers business, 1925-1975. Trott broadcast in Chillwack, ca. 1922. Trott's amateur radio experiments. Amateur radio in the Lower Mainland in the early 1920s. Trott's involvement with the United Church radio station CKFC. Other Vancouver stations, ca. 1925: CFYC, CFCQ. KDKA Pittsburgh received at Chilliwack. Vancouver stations; Merchant's Exchange station. Early stations shared time on frequencies. CKFC details and locations. Milton Stark. CKCD. "World" newspaper station in Mercantile Building. Radio station at Vancouver Courthouse, ca. 1925-1930. Early broadcasting personnel. Changes in ownership of CKFC and VE9CS (shortwave station) after 1936. Church program. (End of interview.)

Early Vancouver radio oral history collection

  • PR-1853
  • Collection
  • 1979-1982

The collection consists of oral history interviews by Ronse pertaining to the history of early radio broadcasting in B.C., primarily in Vancouver.

Ronse, Emmanuel, collector

Esther Roughton interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-10-10 SUMMARY: Tom Hood interviews Mrs. Esther Roughton regarding the CBC radio program "Mr. and Mrs.", in which she and her husband Alan starred in the 1930s. The program was broadcast on Vancouver radio station CRCV and CBR from Vancouver.

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