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School trustees--British Columbia

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22nd annual convention, B.C. School Trustees Association

Item consists of one outdoor group portrait of unidentified women and men in front of an unidentified building. "22nd annual convention, B.C. School Trustees Association, Victoria, B.C. Oct 14th-16th, 1925" is captioned on the bottom left and "Photo WheelerFort Victoria, B.C." is captioned on the bottom right. "White matt. Oak mould." is written on the verso in pencil.

Commission of Inquiry Into the Affairs of Present and Past Boards of School Trustees of the City of Vancouver (1913)

  • GR-0795
  • Series
  • 1913-1914

This series consists of the records of the Commission of Inquiry Into the Affairs of Present and Past Boards of School Trustees of the City of Vancouver, 1913-1914. Commission records consist of Letter Patent appointing the commissioner and a copy of oath, Provincial Secretary's correspondence, exhibits, transcripts of evidence presented at proceedings and the original signed report(s).

The commissioner, Vancouver barrister Henry Osborne Alexander, was appointed to investigate the actions of past and present Boards of School Trustees of the City of Vancouver with regard to purchase and sale of school sites and school property, the purchase of furniture and supplies and generally all matters coming under the Board's jurisdiction. He was to investigate also the personal actions of all Board members, officers and employees, and appointments made by the Board.

British Columbia. Commission of Inquiry Into the Affairs of Present and Past Boards of School Trustees of the City of Vancouver (1913)

Department of Education correspondence files

  • GR-0151
  • Series
  • 1962-1968

This record series was maintained by the Administrative Services Branch of the Department of Education and relates to almost every facet of the Department's work. It includes correspondence of the Minister and department staff with the public and associations such as the B.C. Parent Teacher Federation, B.C. School Trustee's Association, B.C. Teachers' Federation and Canadian Association for Adult Education as well as correspondence with educational institutions including private schools, colleges and universities.

There are also 12 architectural drawings of schools, removed and given map registration numbers 24231C - 24242C.

The results of school trustee elections in B.C., 1962-1966, are also included in this collection in box 30.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Register of schools, school trustees and teachers

  • GR-0462
  • Series
  • 1917-1946

This series consists of 33 volumes of register of Schools, school trustees and teachers. Records include registers showing the location of rural and assisted schools (1 vol.), names of trustees of rural and assisted school districts, 1917-1946 (29 vols.) and names of teachers in provincial public schools, 1918-1921 (3 vols.).

Volume 1 is a register of rural and assisted schools, ca 1918-1946. The schools are listed alphabetically and the location of each school is described. For example: "JACKSON BAY - a post office on Lewis Channel - Topaz Harbour route of Union Steamship Company from Vancouver;"

Volumes 2-30 are registers showing the names of school trustees of rural and assisted schools. The registers are arranged by year, beginning in 1917/1918 (vol. 2) through 1945/1946 (vol.30). Each register is organized alphabetically by name of school.

Volumes 31-33 are entitled "Teachers' Index Books." These registers are arranged alphabetically by name of teacher. The registers also show where each teacher was posted and the teacher's residence or postal address. The Teachers' Indexes for 1918-1920 (vols. 31 and 32) list teachers in all categories of public schools City, Rural Municipality, Rural and Assisted. The Index volume for 1920-1921, however, only shows teachers who taught in Graded City Schools and in Rural Municipality Schools; teachers at small country schools (i.e. rural and assisted schools) are not listed in Vol. 33.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Royal Commission to inquire into the Administration of South Vancouver Municipality (1912)

  • GR-0787
  • Series
  • 1912-1913

This series consists of the records of the Royal Commission to Inquire Into the Administration of South Vancouver Municipality, 1912. The commissioner, Vancouver accountant Matthew Joseph Crehan, was appointed on 6 May 1912 to inquire into the affairs of the Municipality of South Vancouver. He investigated the administration of school affairs (purchasing of school sites, supplies, awarding of contracts, etc.) as well as the administration of the departments of the municipal government. Commission records consist of the original signed report, plus copy and five volumes of typewritten transcripts of proceedings.

British Columbia. Royal Commission to Inquire Into the Administration of South Vancouver Municipality (1912)

Superintendent of Education correspondence inward

  • GR-1445
  • Series
  • 1887-1894

Consists of correspondence inward to Superintendents John Jessop (1872-1878), C.C. McKenzie (1878-1884), and S.D. Pope (1884-1899). Types of records include petitions for school buildings, applications for teaching posts, minutes of local school boards, school trustees' reports, etc. This series may be used in conjunction with GR-0449 (Superintendent of Education, Indexes to Correspondence Inward, 1881-1915) and GR-0450 (Superintendent of Education, Correspondence Outward, 1872-1919).

Researchers should also be aware of the Correspondence Inward files of the Provincial Secretary, 1871-1892 (GR-0526). Since the Provincial Secretary was responsible for the Education Department, these files contain many records pertaining to teachers, schools, and education matters in general. Access to documents in GR-0526 is through GR-0524 (Provincial Secretary. Registers and indexes of letters inward, 1872-1924). Documents pertaining to education, etc. are indexed under the headings "SCHOOLS", and "EDUCATION, SUPERINTENDENT".

British Columbia. Superintendent of Education