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Aged--British Columbia 7
Aged--Care--British Columbia 18
Aged--Drama 6
Aged--Institutional care--British Columbia 8
Agricultural Land Reserve SEE: Land use, Rural--Law and legislation--British Columbia 0
Agricultural colonies
  • Here are entered works on settlement of the land by organized groups of colonists. General works on occupation of the land are entered under the heading Land settlement.
Agricultural credit--British Columbia 2
Agricultural education--British Columbia 6
Agricultural education--Societies, etc.--British Columbia 3
Agricultural exhibitions--British Columbia 38
Agricultural exhibitions--British Columbia DNU 12
Agricultural exhibitions--British Columbia--Lower Mainland 11
Agricultural exhibitions--British Columbia--Okanagan 15
Agricultural exhibitions--British Columbia--Vancouver Island 19
Agricultural experiment stations--Alberta 2
Agricultural experiment stations--British Columbia 49
Agricultural experiment stations--British Columbia DNU 6
Agricultural experiment stations--Saskatchewan 1
Agricultural extension work--British Columbia 4
Agricultural laborers--British Columbia 30
Agricultural machinery 141
Agricultural machinery DNU 13
Agricultural pests 3
Agricultural pollution--British Columbia 3
Agricultural societies--British Columbia 40
Agricultural societies--British Columbia DNU 10
Agricultural surveys--British Columbia
  • Here are entered works on the methods and techniques employed in conducting agricultural surveys, and reports of individual surveys.
Agriculture--British Columbia 176
Agriculture--British Columbia--Arrow Lakes Region 2
Agriculture--British Columbia--Bulkley Valley 1
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