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Summerland (B.C.)--History

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Summerland (B.C.)--History

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Summerland (B.C.)--History

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Alec Steven interview

CALL NUMBER: T1078:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-11-14 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Alec H. Steven discusses life in Summerland from 1902 to 1930. He describes his early life in Scotland; why he came to Canada; a period in Manitoba; the attra...

Anita Morgan interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1965-05-25 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mrs. Anita Morgan discusses life in the Summerland area, 1903 to 1914. She describes how she came to the Okanagan with her family in 1903; her first impressions; other early families at ...

Gwen Hayman and Dorothy and William Robinson : interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1965-05-27 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Land promoter John Moore Robinson is recalled by his daughters Dorothy Robinson and Gwen Hayman, and by a nephew, William Robinson, who also discuss life in the central Okanagan, 1897 to ...

H.V. "Paddy" Acland interview

CALL NUMBER: T1085:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-11-12 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Paddy Acland remembers a few anecdotes about hunting and hiking in the BC interior. He explains how he came out to British Columbia from England after serving...

H.W. Corbitt interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1965-05-29 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Henry Corbitt talks about Summerland and Kaleden from 1908 to 1914. He describes why he came to Canada in 1906, including stories of his work and travels; his first impressions of Sum...

John Lawler interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-11-14 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. John Lawler discusses his family background; seeing Sitting Bull in North Dakota; memories from boyhood there; later moves; going to the Okanagan to pack fruit in 1909; his family goin...

Otto Estabrooks interview

CALL NUMBER: T1076:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-11-04 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Captain Otto Estabrooks talks about the CPR steamboats on the interior lakes of BC, 1894 to 1920. He describes how he came to BC at the age of five; his father Ge...

Reid Johnston interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Railroading in B.C. : Reid Johnston RECORDED: [location unknown], 1980-01-23 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In an interview with Robert Turner, Reid Johnston discusses his memories of railroading: background -- born 1893 in Washingto...

Ronald Helmer interview

CALL NUMBER: T1072:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1963-02-28 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Ronald Helmer talks about agriculture and life in the Okanagan, 1900 to 1910. He explains how he came to Canada; incidents on the train; his arrival in the Ok...

Walter Wright interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-11 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Walter Wright recalls Summerland from 1909 to 1915. He describes coming from Ontario in 1909; a description of what Summerland was like when he arrived; problems with irrigation; people ...