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Filmmakers' showcase #02 : Bonnie Kreps : A woman's film aesthetic

Documentary. "Bonnie Kreps, one of the founders of radical feminism in Canada, here traces her development as filmmaker since 1969. Pre-eminent in this development is the emerging aesthetic which comes from a feminist value system, as distinct from the prevalent masculine one which now imbues most filmmaking. With humour, personal examples and illustrations from her films, she pinpoints some of the key elements of a woman's film aesthetic -- both in the process of making a film and in the end product itself." Includes excerpts from AFTER THE VOTE, PORTRAIT OF MY MOTHER, MOUNTAIN DANCE and THIS FILM IS ABOUT RAPE.

Filmmakers' showcase #03 : Chris Gallagher

Documentary. "Chris Gallagher is a man who understands imagery. He races up in a Corvette a la HAWAII FIVE-O, then proceeds to describe his films to us over the phone. He discusses the origin and treatment of SIDESHOW, SANTA, PLASTIC SURGERY and THE NINE O'CLOCK GUN and uses a photographic assemblage to explain the mystery of his film ATMOSPHERE."

Filmmakers' showcase #04 : Sandy Wilson

Documentary. "Sandy Wilson, sunning in her garden, describes the difficulties of being a filmmaker as well as a mother, while son Willie interrupts. She shows excerpts from THE BRIDAL SHOWER and GROWING UP AT PARADISE, and explains the financial hardships of making films as she goes to work later as an usherette."

Filmmakers' showcase #05 : Tom Braidwood

Documentary. "Tom Braidwood, the 'wild west' filmmaker, re-enacts buying his first projector and how that act changed his interest from theatre to film. He shows clips from his jogging film, BOUREE, and WIND FROM THE WEST, and discusses the feature film INTERLOCK, which he co-authored and planned to produce here in B.C."

Filmmakers' showcase #07 : Peter Lipskis

Documentary. "This videotape contains excerpts from numerous films to create a sampler album of the films of Peter Lipskis. Many of them were shot originally in 8 mm, which allowed him greater freedom to capture real life images that probably wouldn't be possible in larger formats. Various special-effects techniques (including optical printing) were used to intensify colour, texture and rhythm. Pete describes his work and ideas in a voice-over."

Filmmakers' showcase #08 : Al Razutis

Documentary. "Al Razutis holds a fish-eye lens up to himself, and another fishy-eye on film, video and holography, as he makes statements concerning these techniques and what he is trying to do with them. Between clips from his many films, Al takes us on a tour of his first film studio for optical printing, and to the labs at Simon Fraser University, where he also teaches film. Included is an excerpt from an interview on "The Vancouver Show" (CKVU) reporting on his holography."

Filmmakers' showcase #09 : Gordon Kidd

Documentary. "Gordon Kidd reveals himself in carefully selected words and pictures. He describes the background-perceptual process, practice-production, and presentation of his films over clips from his films." Includes excerpts from WAVE PRELUDE, GULF OF GEORGIA TOWING, SKETCHES, OLYMPUS, SELF PORTRAIT and LUX PROCESS.

Filmmakers' showcase #10 : Zale Dalen

Documentary. "Zale Dalen introduces himself in his editing room at home in Vancouver, and shows clips from the many films he's directed, as well as acted in. In an interview with a CKVU reporter, he describes his career as a film director, then turns off the TV and speaks more personally about his development as a filmmaker in Canada." Includes excerpts from SKIP TRACER, THE SHORT TRAIN, GANDYDANCE, GRANNY'S QUILTS, DECISION, TUFTED PUFFINS and THE HOUNDS OF NOTRE DAME.

Filmmakers' showcase #11 : David Rimmer

Documentary. "A filmmaker with an international reputation, David Rimmer shows excerpts from four of his films. He does not appear or make any voice over commentary." Includes excerpts from MIGRATION, VARIATIONS ON A CELLOPHANE WRAPPER, REAL ITALIAN PIZZA and AL NEIL/A PORTRAIT.

Filmmakers' showcase #13 : Rob McLachlan

Documentary. "Rob McLachlan is earning his living as a filmmaker. He makes commercials, works as a cameraman, and produces sponsored films. In this tape he illustrates the flair and imagination that make his work distinctive, and caused a flurry of phone calls for CFMDC catalogues after the airing of the program." Includes excerpts from OLD FASHIONED STYLE, AN EGG STORY and HOT TIPS,

Filmmakers' showcase #14 : Tom Brydon

Documentary. "Tom Brydon runs the complicated animation camera at Al Sens, and shows us how; he is also a crazy Super 8 filmmaker who loves to fool around. He shows us some of that too. When he settled down with a 16mm camera to make SURVIVORS, he surprised a lot of people with this urbane seventies suburban travelogue. And he shows us some of that, all mixed in with everything else."

Filmmakers' showcase #17 : Tony Westman

Documentary. "Tony Westman discusses his ideas of filmmaking, what documentaries are in his view, and his personal connection with various films, and shows clips from a selection of his works." Includes excerpts from SALMON PEOPLE, WOVEN IN TIME, BELUGA BABY and GRANVILLE: A PORTRAIT.

Filmmakers' showcase #19 : John Penhall

Documentary. "John Penhall is a film student at the University of British Columbia. He presents his student films and his work in progress, with a background discussing the school, and the process used in his work." Includes excerpts from OBSERVANCES, THE SWORD FIGHT, EVERY SECOND THURSDAY and FOR THE NEXT SIXTY SECONDS.

Pacific wave : series no. 1 : [excerpts]

Documentary. Excerpts from the first "Pacific Wave" TV series, featuring BC filmmakers and their work. Films presented include THE GIFT, THE FLYIN' MELON BROTHERS, REAL ITALIAN PIZZA (excerpt), SANTA, MIGRATION, GULF OF GEORGIA TOWING, LABYRINTH, NIGHT TIME. OCEAN PICTURE, GROWING UP IN PARADISE (excerpt), RITUAL, BATTLE OF EGO, TUFTED PUFFINS (excerpt), and GREAT RAIN MOUNTAIN (excerpt).

Pacific wave : series no. 2 : no. 03

Documentary. A program from the second "Pacific Wave" television series, featuring BC filmmakers and their work. Includes excerpts from the animated films THE FUNNY COW, THE LITTLE GIRL AND THE MUDDY THING, ANIMALS, and THE SPECIMEN, plus the live-action short AN EGG STORY (shown in its entirety).

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