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Vancouver (B.C.)

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Arthur Turner interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-03-21 SUMMARY: Arthur Turner discusses civic politics, including: early labour and social history of B.C. civic politics; the CCF's role in civic politics.;

Bobby Jackson interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-07-11 SUMMARY: Bobby Jackson discusses the take-over of the Vancouver Post Office and Bloody Sunday, 1938.;

City hall report, 1979-??-?? : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topic is the proposed downtown remand centre for Vancouver. Rev. Art Griffin, pastor of First United Church, Vancouver, discusses the Downtown Clergy Association's concerns about the project.;

City hall report, 1979-02-08 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Report on a special community meeting regarding the expansion of the Glad Tidings Temple, Vancouver. The speakers are: Pastor Maureen Gaglardi; Bunny McDermid, Riley Park NIP Committee representative; Don Johnson, Kensington NIP committee representative; and Oscar Banfield, chairman of the community meeting.;

City hall report, 1979-04-04 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topics discussed are: remand centre; floating homes; public delegations; transportation of the handicapped, Speakers; Mike Harcourt, alderman on remand centre; Stanley Burke, spokesman for floating home community; Mrs. Clyne on floating home community; Harry Rankin, alderman, on handicapped transportation; Warnett Kennedy, alderman, on public delegations.

City hall report, 1979-04-10 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topics discussed are: DERA grant application; policeman for city hall. Speakers are: Doug Little, alderman; Marguerite Ford, alderman; Harry Rankin, alderman; Doug Little again.;

City hall report, [1979?]-05-02 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topics covered are: Sunday closings; library hours; Gypsy moth spraying. Speakers are: Doug Little, George Puil, Anne Diano, speaker for Vancouver Public Library Staff Association; Doug Little, Warnett Kennedy; George Puil; Harry Rankin; Jack Volrich; and Mr. Fleischman, senior assistant deputy minister, Agriculture Canada.

City hall report, 1979-06-07 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Gary Marcuse reports an the annual general meeting of TEAM (The Electors Action Movement), a civic party that was "devastated" in the last Vancouver election. Speakers include departing president George Taylor, new president Martin Zlotnick, and May Brown.

COPE profile : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: In preparation for the Vancouver civic elections, Gary Macuse profiles the Committee of Progressive Electors. Speakers are Jacques Khouri and Harry Rankin.;

Correspondence and papers

Series consists of Alderman Wilson's correspondence and papers pertaining to his anti-Oriental stand during the years 1938-1942. It also includes papers, briefs and pamphlets concerning the Oriental situation in British Columbia and the West Coast of North America; school exercise book containing Sunday School picnic accounts and church camp accounts for various years during the 1930s.

Early Vancouver : reminiscences

SUMMARY: "Early Vancouver Reminiscences" includes recollections of the following: the origins of the Salishan people, the coming of the "white people", the smallpox epidemic, and Indigenous villages in Stanley Park and the Vancouver area (described by Chief August Jack Khahtsahlano and Mrs.George); descriptions of Vancouver after the 1886 fire, the arrival of the first trains, road building, eviction of native people from Stanley Park, and the dedication of the park (by Sam Walker, Captain Canessa, Chief Khahtsahlano, and Carl Timms); dredging and construction work on False Creek, Granville Island, and various bridges over False Creek (by Captain Canessa and Reuben Hamilton); 1912 politics, IWW competing with Salvation Army for streetcorner audience, Mayor Findlay, labour meetings, descriptions of bars and ;saloons (by [Reuben Hamilton? and Captain Canessa); local characters "Lazy George","Pacific Slope", and Tommy Roberts (by Sam Walker); the Kitsilano district and the Greer land dispute (by Chief Khahtsahlano); the "Komagata Maru" incident, World War One, conscription, post-war strikes, and construction of the old Second Narrows Bridge (by Captain Canessa and Carl Timms); Gerry McGeer as a youth and as a politician, and his opponent Lyle Telford (by Reuben Hamilton).

Effie Jones interview : [Diamond, 1979]

CALL NUMBER: T3588:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Effie Jones : The Housewives' League RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1979-07-31 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Effie Jones was born in England and spent years of her youth in Wales, where she came into contact with the miners' struggles of the early 20th century. She came to Canada in 1919 and married, settling with her husband in Vancouver. Mr. Jones worked for BC Telephone. The Jones' home was the only one in the neighbourhood with a telephone during the Depression, and became a centre for people looking for work. They also had a vegetable garden and many chickens, as well as steady work, and helped to support many of their less fortunate friends and neighbours. Mrs. Jones began her political work with the CCF as a local executive member. Her experience with the CCF left her disillusioned and she left the CCF for the more active Communist Party. She worked in the Housewives' League, transforming it from a Liberal club into an organisation with branches across Canada. TRACK 2: The League worked on support for the Post Office occupation in 1938 -- the defense of the men arrested in the occupation, fighting evictions, and mobilizing to put people's belongings back into their homes. CALL NUMBER: T3588:0002 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1979 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: When the war began, the Housewives League fought for soldiers' wives to receive an adequate and regular allowance. Effie Jones almost won the mayoral race in 1947. She ran for civic positions in later elections as well. She celebrated her 90th birthday in 1979. [TRACK 2: blank?]

False Creek Development: a study of the actions and interactions of the three levels of government as they affected public and private development of the waterway and its land basin / Dennis Michael Churchill

The item is a typescript copy of a thesis of Dennis Michael Churchill entitled "False Creek Development: a study of the actions and interactions of the three levels of government as they affected public and private development of the waterway and its land basin." ix, 234 leaves: maps. Thesis (M.A.), University of British Columbia, 1953. Bibliography: Leaves 231-234.

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